Matt Pinsker

Matt Pinsker is a lawyer for criminal defense in Virginia. He is also a teacher and an author. As an officer in the U.S. Army, he has served his country and devoted his life to doing what is right. As a criminal defense lawyer who has won awards, getting the best possible results for his clients is his top priority.

As a part-time professor at VCU, Matt Pinsker taught classes in Criminal Justice. He did this to share his love of the law. He has had a long and varied career as, among other things, a prosecutor and a judge. As a well-known legal expert, he is often in the news and has written a textbook on criminal justice that law students all over the country use.

He is well-known for his work with car crimes like drunk driving, hit-and-run, speeding, evading, driving recklessly, and eluding. The courts respect his work on cases involving drugs, guns, and property crimes like theft and vandalism. After a criminal case is over, he also helps with things like adding new charges, filing an appeal, and getting a gun back.

Matt Pinsker was born and raised in Virginia, so he has strong ties to the state. Before he went to the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, he went to Godwin High School in Henrico, Virginia, to finish his high school education. After he finished his undergraduate studies, Matt Pinsker went to West Virginia University to get his law degree.

Matt Pinsker is one of the few lawyers who has gone on to get an LLM, which is a second legal degree. At the time, GW Law School was one of only two schools in the country that offered an LLM in his field of study.

Matt Pinsker has been a criminal defense lawyer since 2013. Before that, he was a prosecutor. He can handle anything from a small traffic ticket to a more serious felony charge. He has built his law firm into a powerful force, and judges, prosecutors, and other defense lawyers all look up to him. When it comes to high-profile cases, his colleagues often ask him for advice, and the national media often comes to him for comments.

Since 2015, Matt Pinsker has been a judge advocate for the U.S. Army. He has a long and successful record as a soldier to back him up. As a military lawyer who has served both on active duty and in the reserves, he has worked on both sides of military cases, defending and prosecuting.

As a teacher, Matt Pinsker's job is to teach his students new things and share his own experiences. Pinsker taught criminal law at the Virginia Commonwealth University from 2013 to 2021. Many of his former students went on to work in law enforcement or civil rights, so it was an honor for him to teach about homeland security and criminal justice.

After being sent to Afghanistan by the Army, Matt Pinsker became a Special Assistant US Attorney in 2018. (SAUSA). Matt Pinsker was a special prosecutor for the federal government. He worked on cases involving the trafficking of drugs, guns, and even people. For his service, both the Army and the Department of Justice gave him awards. Then he went back to work at his company, where he kept helping people who were in trouble with the law.

He has written legal essays and books about homeland security, international law, and cybersecurity, among other things. The fact that he has written for so many different legal fields shows how well-rounded he is as a writer.

Matt Pinsker has a long list of things he can be proud of, like his well-known job and law degree. He got a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Army JAG Corps and the CALI Excellence for the Future award from West Virginia University College of Law. For his volunteer work, he also got the West Virginia University College of Law Pro Bono Service Award.

Matt Pinsker went to the George Washington University Law School and got a Master of Laws in 2013. He studied national security and US foreign relations. He has done a lot of research on counterterrorism, constitutional law, intelligence, the criminal process, and military justice. "Amending UCMJ Article 66(c)" was the title of his GWU thesis. It was about getting rid of the de novo review of whether or not the facts were enough in criminal appeals.

In 2012, Matt Pinsker got his J.D. from the West Virginia University College of Law. He was a part of a number of groups, such as the West Virginia National Security Law Review and the Veterans Law Caucus.

From 2005 to 2009, Matt Pinsker went to William & Mary, where he got a BA in Government and History. Matt Pinsker thinks it's important to have a well-rounded life. Why did he do student government, Army ROTC, and cheerleading for the varsity team? He still wants to do different things with his life.